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what my patients say

I’ve had acupuncture with Claire more times than I can count. Each time I have come away feeling refreshed and relaxed.  Claire is incredibly good at her practice and has a lovely way of putting you at ease. I’ve had acupuncture for various issues: anxiety, tension headaches, insomnia and ongoing neck and shoulder issues, all of which have been greatly improved, if not completely resolved by Claire’s acupuncture.  I would highly, highly recommend her!


Melissa, 40

I had been suffering insomnia for years.  I went to Claire after sleepless nights were impacting my job and creating stress.  Claire was kind and professional.  I have seen acupuncturists before but they have never provided such detailed advice about lifestyle and diet which are often overlooked factors.  The night after my first treatment I slept like a baby. I saw Claire two subsequent times and each time my sleep and my relationship towards sleep improved.  I would thoroughly recommend Claire, she is just wonderful. 


Hannah, 40

Claire took great care of my 14 year old, Sofia, who was initially terrified of needles.  Claire was able to put her at ease, gain her confidence and provide significant pain relief for her chronic migraines. I felt comfortable with Claire treating my daughter and Sofia loved her. It  was a pleasure meeting Claire, I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. 


Mum to Sofia, 14

Claire is a very competent practitioner.  She has helped me many times to overcome issues like fatigue, anxiety and supported me by helping cognitive function.  She has helped to ground me during emotional turmoil. 


Adam, 22

Claire was always welcoming and calming. I felt in good hands throughout every treatment. She was able to regulate my menstrual cycle and significantly reduced my period symptoms. Claire’s knowledge and understanding combined with her friendly warm personality makes you feel amazing every time! 


Alex, 32

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